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Cocollini & Partners places a lot of emphasis on the spirit of partnership and the ability to work in a team.

We select, through specific recruitment activities, high-profile graduates for whom the opportunity to be part of our team represents an important opportunity for learning, growth and professional practice.

The selection activity aims to identify the best candidates on the basis of objectivity, transparency and respect for equal opportunities, checking that they possess adequate individual, behavioral, aptitude and technical characteristics. Particular attention is paid to the rules of ethics and independence that candidates are required to observe in the event of insertion. The selection activity is carried out through the involvement of Associates and senior professionals with whom the new resources will collaborate, and is also supported by additional internal resources specifically dedicated to this activity.

Since the insertion phase, the new resources have the opportunity to develop their professionalism through coaching and experiences "in the field", thanks to the support of professionals with greater experience, with a view to immediately favoring the creation of a collaborative atmosphere and based on continuous learning. Professional skills, vocation for leadership and ability to build relationships of trust within and outside the organization are the assets on which the Firm has built its reputation over time.

We are aware that business performance depends on the value of our human capital and on the constant commitment to favoring the diffusion of knowledge, the growth of personal skills and the development of acquired knowledge. Only by working in this direction are we sure that we can ensure long-term growth for our organization and the people who are part of it.

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